A man (Ettore Scarpa) and a woman (Viren Beltramo) meet in a trattoria: both have been married, both have children, but most importantly they both live in a world that has banned sadness and melancholy. A dystopian future in which it is difficult to build human relationships and society demands mandatory optimism, provided by pills, injections, violence and constant monitoring of citizens: a world based on appearances, where humanity in all its forms has become anesthetised.

by Michele Perriera
direction Savino Genovese
Compagnia Genovese Beltramo

The sixth edition of Il Cielo su Torino will run from 19 to 30 April 2020 at the Teatro Gobetti. The programme includes recent work by some of Torino’s most exciting emerging artists, who were selected through a call for proposals launched by TST with the collaboration of TAP / Torino Arti Performative.