Far more than a simple tribute to the pioneer of “song theatre”, the Accademia dei Folli presents a musical journey born of the enthusiasm and passion that the work of Giorgio Gaber and Sandro Luporini have always aroused in Carlo Roncaglia and his musicians – Andrea Cauduro (guitars), Enrico De Lotto (bass), Matteo Pagliardi (drums) – all of them fascinated by the extraordinary and heartrending topicality of Gaber’s monologues and songs. For them, Gaber is still there, on stage, with his slouching gait, singing about fears and hopes, frustrations and life’s uncertainty, just waiting for the right moment to spread his wings and take flight.

texts and music Giorgio Gaber, Sandro Luporini
direction Carlo Rogaglia
Accademia dei Folli Compagnia di Musica e Teatro