Infinity Between Brackets
19th – 24th nov 2019

Infinity Between Brackets
19th – 24th nov 2019

Malvaldi, who is a novelist and author of thrillers as well as a chemist, combines his knowledge of the humanities and of science to take a journey from Oppenheimer to poetry, from Star Trek to teleportation, to Donald Duck’s creator Carl Barks, Lucretius and the kinetic theory of fluids. His words come to life with great irony thanks the play’s two actors who are also siblings, Maddalena and Giovanni Crippa.

by Marco Malvaldi
with Maddalena Crippa, Giovanni Crippa
direction Piero Maccarinelli
Teatro Stabile del Friuli Venezia Giulia
Teatro della Toscana – Teatro Nazionale,
Mittelfest 2019

code 26


durata spettacolo
1h and 40 mins

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