6 – 11 dec 2016

6 – 11 dec 2016

Filippo Dini has set his Ivanov within a tragic and at the same time absurd and grotesque dimension: ten actors portray a vividly choral fresco of humankind coming to the end of the line, a society on the edge of an abyss with an impending sense of the Apocalypse that soon will wipe out all known reality. Chekhov describes the last years of a man’s life as he comes to terms with his own worldly inadequacy and with the irretrievable loss of all hope in life.

by Anton Čechov
director Filippo Dini
Fondazione Teatro Due / Teatro Stabile di Genova

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Codice spettacolo 13
durata spettacolo 2h e 40 min + intervallo

martedì 6 ore 19.30
mercoledì 7 ore 20.45
giovedì 8 ore 19.30
venerdì 9 ore 20.45
sabato 10 ore 19.30
domenica 11 ore 15.30

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