La signorina Felicita ovvero la Felicità
18 – 30 ott 2016

La signorina Felicita ovvero la Felicità
18 – 30 ott 2016

Lorena Senestro, cast as Miss Felicita, delivers a highly personal interpretation of Guido Gozzano’s famed “seldom-used sitting room”, a hundred years after his death: the stories and characters of his poems return to life to the accompaniment of Andrea Gattico, a pianist from the Torino Tabarin tradition, with his bow tie, his songs and evening dress. The typical irony of Gozzano’s poems hovers over every single word: “un senso buffo d’ovo e di gallina” (a play on the word “cocotte”, literally, “an amusing association of eggs and hens”.

A tribute to

National Premiere

an idea of Lorena Senestro
direction Massimo Betti Merlin
Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale
Teatro della Caduta

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Codice spettacolo 2
durata 1h

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domenica 30 ore 15.30
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Mercoledì 19 ottobre,
ore 17.30 | Teatro Gobetti

Lorena Senestro e Massimo Betti Merlin dialogano con Franca Bruera (Università di Torino) su LA SIGNORINA FELICITA, OVVERO LA FELICITÀ. Omaggio a Guido Gozzano