The Revenger’s Tragedy
20 – 25 nov 2018

  • La trgedia del vendicatore
The Revenger’s Tragedy
20 – 25 nov 2018

Declan Donnellan has been awarded the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement and is one of Europe’s most celebrated directors: here, for the first time, he directs a cast of Italian actors. The Revenger’s Tragedy is an Elizabethan “pulp” play written in the early years of the reign of James I. Amidst spreading corruption and immorality, the play reveals the authentic nature of man through a triumph of murders, poisoned skulls and brutality.

by Thomas Middleton
direction Declan Donnellan
Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europ

codice spettacolo 47


durata spettacolo
1h e 50 min
senza intervallo

orario spettacoli
20 nov / mar ore 20.45
21 nov / mer ore 20.45
22 nov / gio ore 20.45
23 nov / ven ore 20.45
24 nov / sab ore 19.30
25 nov / dom ore 15.30

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