With its capacity to defy passing time, the power of Tolstoy’s novel has transported its leading character, Anna, and her tragic fate into the collective imagination. Galatea Ranzi personifies her rebellion against an oppressive marriage and the overpowering love that drives her to be banished from society and estranged from her children. It is the inability to find a new role in Russia’s moralistic society of the time that causes the woman’s downfall, making this story a damning indictment of the conformist and puritanical attitude of 19th-century Petersburg, which focused as strongly on form as we, today, focus on social media shaming. The cast includes Paolo Serra, Giacinto Palmarini, Francesco Biscione, Stefano Santospago, Debora Bernardi and Irene Tetto.

by Lev Tolstoj
direction Luca De Fusco
Teatro Stabile di Catania, Teatro Biondo Stabile di Palermo