Federico Tiezzi directs a production that draws on the eponymous novel by Bernhard and stages a seemingly straightforward tale. For over thirty years, musicologist (Sandro Lombardi) sits contemplating a painting by Tintoretto in the Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum every two days. This unusual ritual intrigues a young writer (Martino D’Amico), and both men draw the attention of the museum keeper (Alessandro Burzotta). Despite its simple plot, the play becomes a veritable reflection on the role of art, modern neuroses and loneliness.

by Thomas Bernhard
from Alte Meister
translation Anna Ruchat
dramaturgy Fabrizio Sinisi
with Sandro Lombardi, Martino D’Amico, Alessandro Burzotta
direction Federico Tiezzi
scene and costumes Gregorio Zurla
light Gianni Pollini
video Nicola Bellucci
Compagnia Lombardi -Tiezzi
Associazione Teatrale Pistoiese Centro di Produzione Teatrale
con la collaborazione di Napoli Teatro Festival Italia