After its successful debut last season, the play is back on the Fonderie Limone stage with its passionate hymn to brotherhood. Departing from Sophocles’ play and its story, here the scene comes alive with a dense web of references to the story of Antigone, an unforgettable classical figure, who spans all the Greek tragics – from Aeschylus Seven against Thebes to Euripides The Phoenician Women – seeking the “heavy substance of fraternity”.

from Sophocles / direction Gabriele Vacis
Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale, PEM Impresa sociale
75th Cycle of Classical Plays at the Teatro Olimpico di Vicenza


The Fonderie Limone theatre season opens with Gabriele Vacis’s triptych and the young actors from the compagnia PEM (Potenziali Evocativi Multimediali). The play is a journey through mythology, which has been revisited and adapted through the lens of the present to consider the roles, instincts and difficulties facing the younger generations in finding their place in a hyper-connected world yet still marked by harsh political and social conflicts. Appearing on stage (in alphabetical order) Davide Antenucci, Andrea Caiazzo, Lucia Corna, Pietro Maccabei, Lucia Raffaella Mariani, Eva Meskhi, Erica Nava, Enrica Rebaudo, Edoardo Roti, Letizia Russo, Daniel Santantonio, Lorenzo Tombesi, Gabriele Valchera, Giacomo Zandonà.