A disenchanted and mysterious play that mingles the tragic, the comic, the sacred, and the grotesque, Antony and Cleopatra enshrines eros with some of Shakespeare’s loftiest and most evocative verses. Valter Malosti and Anna Della Rosa are the two overpowering protagonists of the great tragedy William Shakespeare wrote between 1607 and 1608. Antony and Cleopatra, as Gilberto Sacerdoti suggests, is an optical prism: ” Viewed from the front, it is Plutarch’s story of love and politics. Viewed at an angle, it compels us to unravel nature’s infinite book of secrets.

by William Shakespeare
direction Valter Malosti
Emilia Romagna Teatro ERT / Teatro Nazionale
Fondazione Teatro di Napoli – Teatro Bellini
Teatro Stabile di Bolzano, LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura