Stivalaccio Teatro is a new, young company from Veneto that has revitalised the Commedia dell’Arte tradition with productions brimming with energy, colour and passion. Under Marco Zoppello’s direction, Arlecchino Furioso (Frenzied Harlequin), the “maschera” (character) that has become the symbol of Italian theatre, leads a bubbling story in which love drives an original plot and becomes known in all its many forms, proving to be a universal emotion that transcends the boundaries of the world. After being forced to part, two lovers, Isabella and Leandro, are reunited ten years later in Venice, eager to find each other and fall in love again. Meanwhile, jealous Harlequin courts the maidservant Romanella but is constantly about to become enraged at the first whiff of infidelity. Who can tell if the four protagonists will ultimately find love? The cast includes Sara Allevi, Anna De Franceschi, Eleonora Marchiori, Michele Mori, Pierdomenico Simone, and Marco Zoppello.

canovaccio (scenaio) by Giorgio Sangati, Sara Allevi, Anna De Franceschi,
Michele Mori, Marco Zoppello
direction Marco Zoppello
Stivalaccio Teatro, Teatro Stabile del Veneto – Teatro nazionale