In the United States, at the turn of the 20th century, “Boston Marriage” referred to the cohabitation of wealthy, independent women. Pulitzer Prize winner David Mamet uses the term for his play, which features two women and a maid. However, despite being a seemingly conventional story, its sophisticated drawing-room language soon gives way to coarseness and heated quarrels. The three leading ladies of this lively play, directed by Giorgio Sangati, are Maria Paiato, Mariangela Granelli and Ludovica D’Auria.

by David Mamet
translation Masolino D’Amico
with Maria Paiato, Mariangela Granelli, Ludovica D’Auria
direction Giorgio Sangati
scene Alberto Nonnato
light Cesare Agoni
costumes Gianluca Sbicca
Centro Teatrale Bresciano
Teatro Biondo di Palermo
in accordo con Arcadia & Ricono Ltd
per gentile concessione di A3 Artists Agency