Filippo Dini directs and stars in Ibsen’s iconic play, together with Deniz Özdoğan as Nora. The production upends traditional direction approaches, with a new take on the Helmer household conflict. The cast includes Orietta Notari, Andrea Di Casa, Eva Cambiale and Fulvio Pepe.

As Filippo Dini wrote in his director’s note: «Henrik Ibsen ended-up A doll’s House during his stay in Amalfi in 1879. Since its premiere, this new play triggered a strong debate that went trought the norwegian society, involving intellectuals, theatricals, writers, feminists and politicians. A Doll’s House generated discussions about the most disparate topics regarding the conditions of women,  the contradictions of marriage and the intimate “fidelity to life” of each of us, that is the attainment of one’s own completeness in society, beyond the constraints imposed by it. I believe that the play’s core lies in the male attempt to understand (in the best of cases) or more frequently to control, dominate or limit women’s nature. The mystery that surrounds every woman is, always, in literature, painting and in all arts, linked to the judgment of a man.  The definition of this mystery cannot be splitted from the one who invented it and then declared and demonized it: the man».


by Henrik Ibsen
with Filippo Dini, Deniz Özdoğan, Orietta Notari, Andrea Di Casa, Eva Cambiale, Fulvio Pepe
director Filippo Dini
scene Laura Benzi
costumes Sandra Cardini
light Pasquale Mari
music Arturo Annecchino
voce solista Martina Sciocchino
assistant director Carlo Orlando
assistant costumes Eloisa Libutti
Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale / Teatro Stabile di Bolzano
with support of Fondazione CRT