After addressing the idea of the Other as a threat in his Le Misanthrope, Leonardo Lidi presents a piece by a promising young Italian playwright, 21-year-old Diego Pleuteri. What is the meaning of love? What is love? “Come nei Giorni Migliori” is the story of an ordinary couple. The fact that it is about love between two men is irrelevant. The essence does not change. Possibly the surroundings do, but it is not a question of politics; it is just about being human. Conversely, deciding whether or not to engage in this exploration could possibly be described as political.  With Alessandro Bandini and Alfonso De Vreese.

by Diego Pleuteri
with Alessandro Bandini, Alfonso De Vreese
direction Leonardo Lidi
scene and light Nicolas Bovey
costumes Aurora Damanti
Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale