For his début as a theatre director, Nanni Moretti has chosen two plays by Natalia Ginzburg, which explore the intimate lives of families that have become resigned to the complexities of life. In Moretti’s view, Ginzburg’s “gossip theatre” confronts us with a pristine mirror, which, with acute irony, reflects the values and habits cherished by bourgeois society: the Love Diaries characters address marriage, fidelity, motherhood and friendship while exposing personal ineptitude and turning the more tragic facets of their existences into comedy. Valerio Binasco, Daria Deflorian, Alessia Giuliani, Arianna Pozzoli and Giorgia Senesi are on stage for this joint production by leading Italian and European theatres.

by Natalia Ginzburg
direction Nanni Moretti
Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale, Teatro di Napoli – Teatro Nazionale
Carnezzeria Srls, Emilia Romagna Teatro ERT / Teatro Nazionale, LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura,
Châteauvallon – Liberté Scène Nationale
TNP Théâtre National Populaire Villeurbanne
La Criée – Théâtre National de Marseille, Maison de la Culture d’Amiens
in collaboration with con Carrozzerie n.o.t
with supporto of Fondazione CRT