A gipsy site has recently settled in a small town. The local community’s reaction is swift: permanent demonstrations demand that the local authorities move the Roma elsewhere, provided it is far away. Debora Benincasa and Andrea Gottardello are on stage to assess this new form of racism: the attitude that is embedded with violence in current nationalist and identity-creating concepts, a form of racism that echoes the past when people were once defined as belonging to an inferior race.

by Debora Benincasa
direction Amedeo Anfuso
Anomalia Teatro

The sixth edition of Il Cielo su Torino will run from 19 to 30 April 2020 at the Teatro Gobetti. The programme includes recent work by some of Torino’s most exciting emerging artists, who were selected through a call for proposals launched by TST with the collaboration of TAP / Torino Arti Performative.