For Rafael Spregelburd, the award-winning Argentinean author, panic is merely the modern translation of the sin of sloth, the state of mind that arises among people who struggle to chase lives divided between two or three jobs, who get by as best they can and who, like crazed people – as is the case of the protagonists – are searching for the lost keys to a fantasised safety deposit box. In this context, those who are dead don’t know they are dead, and the living don’t know how to live. A ludicrous panic grips everyone as if the characters never quite realise what they are and keep confusingly and obsessively retracing their steps, trying to start all over again. Jurij Ferrini revisits Spregelburd’s brilliant and obsessive work after directing Lucido. He is joined on stage by Arianna Scommegna and a cast of seven actors.

by Rafael Spregelburd
direction Jurij Ferrini
Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale