VicoQuartoMazzini theatre collective, awarded the 2021 Hystrio Prize as the best-emerging company, stages Nicola Lagioia’s novel, which won the 2015 Premio Strega Prize. The mysterious death of a young woman, found naked at the foot of a multi-storey car park, rocks her family’s bourgeois and provincial microcosm. However, this family narrative is the lens through which to explore the course of our country from the post-war period to the present day. It is the story of two youths, a family, a city and a world where money seems to be able to settle anything, or perhaps not. With Roberto Alinghieri, Michele Altamura, Leonardo Capuano, Enrico Casale, Michele Cipriani, Francesca Mazza, Gabriele Paolocà, and Andrea Volpetti.

from the novel by Nicola Lagioia
concept by VicoQuartoMazzini
direction Michele Altamura, Gabriele Paolocà
SCARTI Centro di Produzione Teatrale d’innovazione
Elsinor Centro di Produzione Teatrale, LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura Romaeuropa Festival,
Tric Teatri di Bari, Teatro nazionale Genova