Joseph Roth’s poetic play about the life of a homeless man, Andreas Kartak, in 1939 captured the hearts of readers all over Europe. The novel’s central theme is the unassailable honour of a Parisian clochard and the poignant breakdown of his life, overflowing with mistakes, women and Pernod. With his unmistakable voice and ironic, detached touch, Carlo Cecchi traces the main character’s parable. The piece is a disturbing and romantic exploration of a troubled and powerless soul, engulfed in that inebriated state of darkness pierced by lightning flashes that mark the last instants of life. Cecchi, both the narrator and the narrated subject, is joined on stage by Roberta Rovelli and Giovanni Lucini.

by Joseph Roth
direction Andrée Ruth Shammah
Teatro Franco Parenti