The play is steeped in sensuality, gentleness, and grace and enhanced by elegant and razor-sharp irony. Alfonsina Malacrida, known as Nanà, is performed by Giuliana De Sio. Every Tuesday afternoon, Nanà heads out to buy an hour of love. When she arrives, she says hello, puts money on the bedside table, undresses, folds her tidily folded clothes and slips into bed after inspecting the cleanliness of the sheets. He, Fanzago Bonamente (here portrayed by Alessandro Haber), is a porn actor in his twilight years and, having been a gigolo, now has this one last client: the Tuesday lady. The problem is that he has fallen in love with her… The cast also features Paolo Sassanelli, Riccardo Festa and Paolo Persi.

by Massimo Carlotto
direction Pierpaolo Sepe
scene  Francesco Ghisu
costumes Katarina Vukcevic
Gli ipocriti Melina Balsamo, Fondazione Teatro della Toscana