Through this encounter with a great stage classic, Leonardo Lidi presents yet another chapter of his exploration of the boundaries that most young people tend to create for themselves. With its servant-mistress relationship, Strindberg’s masterpiece hints at the conflict between social classes, allowing the director to describe a generation of sons and daughters who cannot experience the opportunity of a future. Three adolescents (Giuliana Vigogna, Christian La Rosa and Ilaria Falini) live in a hostile house, an oppressive place that obliges them to bow to time and conventions. Yet, throughout a single night, they will seek to understand how to deal with their distress by trying to dance, sing and drift into oblivion, in an attempt to stop hearing the deafening silence around them.

by August Strindberg
adapted and directed Leonardo Lidi
with Giuliana Vigogna, Christian La Rosa, Ilaria Falini
scene e light Nicolas Bovey
costumes Aurora Damanti
sound G.U.P. Alcaro
Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria
in collaboration with Spoleto Festival dei Due Mondi