It is some time now that Domenico Castaldo has been working on the creative potential of human beings, viewing theatre as a regenerative and potentially revolutionary tool in today’s world: a form of physical, mental and spiritual discipline that develops communication with the self, one’s fellow human beings and our surroundings. In his new play, he borrows and reworks the words of a famous essay by psychologist Paul Watzlawick, who describes the senselessness of some of our society’s toxic thoughts and behaviours. These are as frequent as they are needlessly self-destructive. Consequently, he creates an ironic mirror that, somewhere between being amused and uncomfortable in viewing ourselves, helps us discover how to make ourselves happily unhappy.

freely adapted from The Pursuit of Unhappiness by Paul Watzlawick
with actors of LabPerm Lucrezia Bodinizzo, Domenico Castaldo, Ginevra Giachetti, Marta Laneri, Marta Maltese, Zi Long Ying
light Davide Rigodanza
sound Massimiliano Bressan
scene, music and costumes LabPerm
LabPerm di Domenico Castaldo
Compagni di Viaggio