Lazarus is one of David Bowie’s last works. In 2015 he adapted some of his best-known songs for this musical, which he wrote with Irish playwright Enda Walsh. This testament-performance is the ideal follow-up to Walter Tevis’s novel, The Man Who Fell to Earth, and, thanks to director Valter Malosti, it can be seen on an Italian stage at long last. Once again, the narrative focuses on Thomas Jerome Newton, the restless interstellar migrant and his desperate need to return home. Singer and Afterhours frontman Manuel Agnelli stars as Thomas Jerome Newton.

by David Bowie and Enda Walsh
inspired by The Man Who Fell to Earth
by Walter Tevis
Italian version Valter Malosti
a Valter Malosti show
with Manuel Agnelli, Casadilego, Michela Lucenti,
Dario Battaglia, Maurizio Camilli, Noemi Grasso, Maria Lombardo, Giulia Mazzarino, Camilla Nigro, Isacco Venturini
the band (in o.a.) Laura Agnusdei tenor sax and baritone sax | Jacopo Battaglia battery | Ramon Moro trumpet and flugelhorn | Amedeo Perri keyboards and synths | Giacomo “ROST” Rossetti bass | Stefano Pilia guitar | Paolo Spaccamonti guitar
sound project GUP Alcaro | scenes Nicolas Bovey | costumes Gianluca Sbicca | lights Cesare Accept | video Luca Brinchi and Daniele Spanò | care of movement Marco Angelilli | choreography Michela Lucenti | choirs and practices of the voice Bruno De Franceschi | master collaborator Andrea Cauduro | assistant director Jacopo Squizzato
Emilia Romagna ERT Theater – National Theater, Turin Permanent Theater – National Theater,
Theater of Naples – National Theater, Theater of Rome – National Theater, LAC Lugano Art and Culture
special thanks to TPE – Teatro Piemonte Europa

by arrangement with Robert Fox and Jones/Tintoretto Entertainment and New York Theater Workshop courtesy of Lazarus Musical Limited by arrangement with Arcadia & Ricono Srl
Lazarus premiered Off-Broadway at New York Theater Workshop December 7, 2015