Valerio Binasco presents Eugène Ionesco’s The Chairs, a classic that still shatters all the conventions that underpin our daily lives. Michele Di Mauro and Federica Fracassi perform in this bitter play, with its absurd features dissolving into a torrent of words that gradually lose all meaning. This dimension of frustration, nearly seventy years after the play’s première (at the Théâtre Lancry in Paris on 22 April 1952), would still seem highly relevant to our discomforting present.

by Eugène Ionesco
translation Gian Renzo Morteo
with Federica Fracassi e Michele Di Mauro
direction Valerio Binasco
scenes e light design Nicolas Bovey
costumes Alessio Rosati
music Paolo Spaccamonti
director assistant Giordana Faggiano
scenes assistant Nathalie Deana
Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale

Fonderie Limone Moncalieri