Ivana Ferri brings the story of Stefano Quondam to the stage, adapting it from one of Roberto Vecchioni’s novels. Like a courageous but misunderstood contemporary Don Quixote, Stefano Quondam, a professor of Greek literature, has never relented in his headstrong war against stupidity and conformity. Ettore Bassi plays the part of the professor who accompanies his illness-stricken teenage son to discover the beauty embodied in the great classics. As a result, Homer, Sappho, Sophocles and Euripides shine a light on the father-son relationship.

by Roberto Vecchioni
rom the homonymous novel published by Einaudi
Cesare Pavese Prize Winner 2015 – Fiction
adaptation and direction Ivana Ferri
with Ettore Bassi
original music performed live by Massimo Germini
voice off stage Patrizia Pozzi
musical quotations Roberto Vecchioni – W.A. mozart
Tangram Teatro Torino