Ferzan Ozpetek’s first stage directorial venture is an adaptation of one of the best-loved and most successful of his films. Francesco Pannofino, Iaia Forte, Carmine Recano and Simona Marchini are the most familiar faces in this new version about the upper-class, conservative Cantone family coming to terms with their son, Antonio’s, outing. Meanwhile, Antonio is stealing the thunder from his younger brother, who has come home to face the truth. A relentless, ironic comedy in which the cast interacts with the audience, revealing how we resist change and exposing conventions that, all too often, condition.

a play by di Ferzan Özpetek
with Francesco Pannofino, Iaia Forte, Edoardo Purgatori, Carmine Recano
and (in alphabetical order) Roberta Astuti, Sarah Falanga, Mimma Lovoi, Francesco Maggi, Luca Pantini,
scene Luigi Ferrigno
costumes Alessandro Lai
light Pasquale mari
Nuovo Teatro diretta da Marco Balsamo
Fondazione Teatro della Toscana

foto © Romolo Eucalitto