On the 100th anniversary of Beppe Fenoglio’s birth, Giulio Graglia stages a tribute to the terse and explicit work of the Alba writer. The plot takes place immediately after the Second World War. It features Ettore (Marcello Spinetta), a young man who cannot adjust to civil society after being part of the Resistance. Like many returning fighters, his new life exasperates and stresses him: the rural and monotonous setting around him becomes increasingly confining, driving him towards choices that lead to dramatic consequences.

based on Beppe Fenoglio’s La paga del sabato (Saturday Wages)
with (in alphabetical order) Franco Barbero, Francesca Bracchino, Marta Cortellazzo Wiel, Riccardo Forte, Margherita Fumero, Francesco Gargiulo, Riccardo Livermore, Marcello Spinetta
direction Giulio Graglia
light and scene Jacopo Valsania
video Giulio Cavallini
assistant director Marcello Spinetta
assistant dramturgy Diego Pleuteri
misic adviser Luciano Girardengo
project consultant Sabrina Gonzatto, Bruno Quaranta
historical research consultant Andrea Mortara
Fondazione Teatro Marenco
Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale