Only one of the characters in García Lorca’s tragedy has a name; the others are roles, archetypes of a closed and violent society where blood stifles passion. Inspired by a news story, this story made a profound impression in the poet’s mind in 1933, and his recounting of the ‘facts’ became a cry against all conventions regarding love. The play is a cry for the freedom to pursue the same flame of passion that burns in two hearts and bodies. Lluís Pasqual, the most outstanding living expert on García Lorca, merges prose, dance and song and relies on Lina Sastri’s eclectic talent. Joining her onstage are Giacinto Palmarini, Giovanni Arezzo, Alessandra Costanzo, Ludovico Caldarera, Roberta Amato, Floriana Patti, Gaia Lo Vecchio, Alessandro Pizzuto, Sonny Rizzo, and Elvio La Pira.

by Federico Gacia Lorca
direction Lluís Pasqual
Teatro Stabile di Catania, Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro nazionale,
Teatro di Napoli – Teatro nazionale, Teatro Stabile di Palermo