This tragicomic comedy, written by Iranian author Hamid Ziarati and Beppe Rosso, is set in a radio station, where news from the outside world becomes entangled with the personal relationships of the broadcasters, faced with awkward choices and decisions during a remarkably difficult week. The play addresses our times and the crucial issues that Europe and its citizens confront every day, ranging from migration to racial intolerance, but, above all, it addresses the weight of responsibility that information has today. The show is part of migrACTION, a broad cross-border project with a cast that includes Adriano Antonucci, Lorenzo Bartoli, Massimiliano Bressan, Francesco Gargiulo and Barbara Mazzi.

di Hamid Ziarati e Beppe Rosso
regia Beppe Rosso
AMA Factory, Progetto Alcotra Italia Francia – Migraction