Salveremo il mondo prima dell’alba (We Will Save the World before Dawn) portrays the lives of some of the guests and staff of a luxury centre specialising in the rehab of present-day addictions. Drowning in the distress that caused them to flee from reality, the rehab patients remain victims of their addiction and describe themselves with sharp irony, telling us about their troubled histories. Hence, Carrozzeria Orfeo, one of Italy’s most admired theatre companies, is back again with the sarcastic and exhilarating approach that has made it famous. This time, they address the paradoxes, contradictions and grotesque distortions that permeate our contemporary world. The cast includes Massimiliano Setti, Roberto Serpi and Sebastiano Bronzato.

a play by Carrozzeria Orfeo
drammaturgy Gabriele Di Luca
with Sebastiano Bronzato, Alice Giroldini, Sergio Romano
Roberto Serpi, Massimiliano Setti, Ivan Zerbinati
direction Gabriele Di Luca, Massimiliano Setti, Alessandro Tedeschi
assistant direction Matteo Berardinelli
philosophical consultancy Andrea Colamedici – TLON
scene and light luci Lucio Diana
nusic Massimiliano Setti
costumes Stefania Cempini
Marche Teatro, Teatro dell’Elfo, Teatro Nazionale di Genova
Fondazione Teatro di Napoli – Teatro Bellini
in collaboration with Centro di Residenza dell’Emilia Romagna
“L’Arboreto – Teatro Dimora|La Corte Ospitale”