After The Pleasure of Honesty, Valerio Binasco returns with another of the Sicilian playwright’s masterpieces. An Italian theatre classic that, even to this day, succeeds in generating the quality and energy that a stage can create through words and direction, performance and real-life elements, which  Binasco uses to describe this broken family. At the same time, he also succeeds in rediscovering the distinctive aspects of his poetics: art and life, humanity and “maschere” all combine, producing an array of doubts and reflections about the value of representation and our identity.

by Luigi Pirandello
with (alphabetical order)
Valerio Binasco, Giovanni Drago, Giordana Faggiano, Jurij Ferrini
direction Valerio Binasco
scene Guido Fiorato
light Alessandro Verazzi
music Paolo Spaccamonti
sound Filippo Conti
Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale
Teatro Nazionale di Genova
Fondazione Teatro di Napoli – Teatro Bellini