Geppy Gleijeses, Maurizio Micheli and Lucia Poli are the leading figures in this great ode of love for the theatre. Considered by some to be one of the greatest plays of the 20th century, The Dresser is the story of a group of elderly actors who, despite the World War II air-raid alerts, continue imperturbably to present Shakespeare’s repertoire across a range of theatres. The ageing and tired company actor-manage is capricious, despotic and conceited. Acting has become his sole raison d’être, which explains why he never stops browbeating his faithful assistant.

by Ronald Harwood
translation Masolino D’Amico
with Geppy Gleijeses, Maurizio Micheli, Lucia Poli
and with Angelica Accarino, Teo Guarini, Roberta Lucca, Antonio Sarasso
direction and scene Guglielmo Ferro
costumes Chiara Donato
light Luigi Ascione
music Alessandro Pace
Gitiesse Artisti Riuniti
Teatro Stabile di Catania