Michel Marc Bouchard, a noted Canadian playwright and the author of a successful film by Xavier Dolan, tells the story of a family that is incapable of expressing genuine feelings and is trapped in an endless loop of abusive behaviour. Simone Schinocca directs this contemporary play, in which the formal ritual of introducing the main character’s girlfriend to his relations sparks off long-standing family dynamics.

by Michel Marc Bouchard
translationValentina Aicardi
with Valentina Aicardi, Francesca Cassottana, Elio D’Alessandro, Antonella Delli Gatti, Andrea Fazzari, Fabio Marchisio
direction Simone Schinocca
set design Sara Brigatti
costumes Agostino Porchietto
music Elio D’alessandro
in collaboration with Teatro Libero di Palermo
and Fertili Terreni Teatro