Beyond the scandalous themes that have fascinated European audiences for over a century since its first performance in 1881, this domestic drama today strikes us most for the contemporary relevance of its “ghosts”: our emotional and behavioural legacy. Scene after scene, they unfold as a far-reaching critique of social conventions. Lithuanian master-director Rimas Tuminas and Fausto Paravidino’s adaptation place Helene Alving, played by Andrea Jonasson, at the centre of a world that seems doomed to incommunicability, conformism and blind arrogance

by Henrik Ibsen
italian version and adaptation Fausto Paravidino
with Andrea Jonasson, Gianluca merolli, Fabio Sartor, Giancarlo Previati, Eleonora Panizzo
direction Rimas Tuminas
scene and costumes Adomas Jacovskis
music Faustas Latènas, Giedrius Puskunigis, Jean Sibelius, Georges Bizet
light Fiammetta Baldiserri
Teatro Stabile del Veneto – Teatro Nazionale