This razor-sharp comedy, written by British director David “D.C.” Moore in 2012 and inspired by Lynn Shelton’s film Humpday, is the story of a long-standing male friendship and explores issues of loyalty, betrayal and the dread of being trapped within certain social constraints. The characters of the entertaining story are Lewis and Waldorf. The former is married and conventional, while the latter is more unconstrained and uninhibited, never failing to challenge and tempt his friend. Eventually, after being reprimanded for being so uptight about sex, Lewis relents and accepts to shoot a gay porn film with his friend. Directed by Silvio Peroni, the show stars Daniele Marmi, Giovanni Anzaldo, Giulia Rupi, and Eleonora Angioletti.

by David “D.C.” Moore
translation Andrea Peghinelli
with Daniele Marmi, Giovanni Anzaldo, Giulia Rupi, Eleonora Angioletti
direction Silvio Peroni
Khora Teatro / La Filostoccola