A nuclear accident close to their cottage shatters the life of an elderly couple of scientists (Elisabetta Pozzi and Giovanni Crippa). Power cuts have become common. There is no drinking water. Contamination is a constant risk, and, in addition to all this, an old friend and colleague (Francesca Ciocchetti) shows up unexpectedly. As a result, the stability of their household is disturbed, and the characters have some drastic choices to make. Brilliant British playwright, Lucy Kirkwood, is the author of The Children, a play about the environment, individual and collective responsibility, the future we would like and the future we should secure for our planet.

by Lucy Kirkwood
translation Monica Capuani
with Elisabetta Pozzi, Giovanni Crippa, Francesca Ciocchetti
direction Andrea Chiodi
scene Alessandro Chiti
costumes Ilaria Ariemme
light Cesare Agoni
music Daniele D’Angelo
Centro Teatrale Bresciano
La contrada – Teatro Stabile di Trieste