On October 9 1963, 260 million cubic metres of rock broke off Mount Toc and crashed into the Vajont dam, raising a wave that destroyed five villages and killed two thousand people. In 1993, Marco Paolini and Gabriele Vacis staged one of our theatre’s most memorable public orations about the tragedy: Il racconto del Vajont (The Story of the Vajont). Sixty years after the disaster, the memory of a tragic episode in the country’s collective history provides the impetus for a wide-ranging reflection on our present-day climate crisis. It will be a far-reaching event performed in Italy’s most important theatres: Gabriele Vacis will be leading a group of young performers who are eager to re-enact this experience and the reflections it raises. On Saturday, October 7, Marco Paolini will be joining him on stage.

by Gabriele Vacis e Marco Paolini
direction Gabriele Vacis
Pem, Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale