Hungarian director Kriszta Székely, one of Europe’s newest stage talents, presents her first Italian work. The TST has produced this tragedy of missed opportunities with a cast that includes Paolo Pierobon, Ivano Marescotti, Ariella Reggio, Lucrezia Guidone, Beatrice Vecchione, and Franco Ravera, Chekhov provides a brilliant account of the frustration of not knowing how to act: his message still applies both to our human conscience and to our active role in society.

by Anton Čechov
adaptation Ármin Szabó-Székely e Kriszta Székely
translation Tamara Török
edited by Emanuele Aldrovandi
with Paolo Pierobon, Lucrezia Guidone, Beatrice Vecchione, Ivan Alovisio, Ivano Marescotti, Ariella Reggio,
Franco Ravera, Federica Fabiani
direction Kriszta Székely
scene Renátó Cseh
costumes Dóra Pattantyus
light Pasquale Mari
suond Claudio Tortorici
Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale