Multidiscipline, inter-departmental seminar

The collaboration between the Teatro Stabile di Torino Foundation and Turin University got underway from the first stages of the preparation of the theatre programme for 2012/2013: a broad round table designed to plot an itinerary through the delicate, controversial issue of “armed conflict” that would take in numerous disciplines. It was a complex choice, rich with ramifications that look not only at the aspects linked directly to it (history, politics, society, etc.), but also open up to more formal considerations on art and on performance generally (Stockhausen’s provocative comments about the September 11 attacks (“the greatest work of art there has ever been”), is only a tiny example of the way that this event has represented a turning point for modern art). The collaboration with the University will involve professors Giovanni De Luna (Contemporary History), Antonio Pizzo, Federica Mazzocchi (Theatre direction Institutions), Enrico Mattioda (Italian Literature, Narrative structure and processes), Luigi Bonanate (International Relations – Political Science), Edoardo Greppi (International Law, International Humanitarian law and the Protection of human rights) and Giaime Alonge (History of the cinema), who will create a special multidiscipline, inter-departmental seminar. It will be open to students of ordinary degrees and specialist degrees, and will support students in their vision and analysis of a number of works and the issues they propose. The seminar will start in the second semester and will conclude, after a series of lectures tackling different issues, delivered to a single class of students by the different professors participating in the project, with a number of specific workshops at which the students will acquire the necessary credits for their individual faculties.

The following works have been chosen as an integral part of the study programme proposed by the seminar:

1. Educazione siberiana | 2. Una cena armena | 3. Piccola guerra perfetta
4. Das interview (L’intervista) | 5. Requiem for Ground Zero | 6. Nine Finger
7. Giochi di famiglia | 8. Quando Nina Simone ha smesso di cantare

Educazione siberiana / Giovanni De Luna / February 27

Una cena armena / Giulia Carluccio / February 28

Requiem for Ground Zero / Luigi Bonanate / March 28

Das Interview / Giaime Alonge / April 7

Piccola guerra perfetta / Edoardo Greppi / April 11

Nine finger / Federica Mazzocchi / April 14

Giochi di famiglia / Antonio Pizzo / April 24

Quando Nina Simone ha smesso di cantare / Enrico Mattioda / May 2