Based on Molière’s Don Juan, English playwright Patrick Marber’s play sets the ultimate seducer in present-day London, in Soho. Now a DJ, he still embodies many of the perversions of contemporary males: a charming anti-hero who is debauched, ambiguous and morally despicable, but also remarkably unique in his powerful debauchery/lack of restraint. His extreme character, when confronted with today’s complex present, raises similarly challenging questions: to what lengths are we willing to sacrifice our freedoms to survive and continue to lead seemingly unchanged lives compared to the past?

by Patrick Marber
based on Don Juan by Molière
with Daniele Russo, Alfonso Postiglione, Mauro Marino, Gennaro Di Biase,
Noemi Apuzzo, Sebastiano Gavasso, Alfredo Angelici, Claudio Benegas,
Claudia D’Avanzo, Arianna Sorrentino
direction Gabriele Russo
scene Roberto Crea
costumes Chiara Aversano
light Salvatore Palladino
sound Alessio Foglia
Fondazione Teatro di Napoli – Teatro Bellini