Confirming its uncommon vitality within the Italian theatre scene, and following on from the summer festivals, namely Summer Plays and Torinodanza, the opening period of the 2020 – 2021 season will run from early October to early January. It will include one hundred and sixty-three performances at the Carignano, Gobetti and Fonderie Limone venues, with nine productions and co-productions, six of which are new. One hundred artists and technicians have been engaged, with ten guest companies and twelve plays by living authors. In designing the programme, our primary consideration, which also reflects a moral imperative, was to return to the productions that force majeure had led us to cancel in the spring. Hence we have the long-awaited debut of three of our productions, Miller’s A View from the Bridge, García Lorca’s The House of Bernarda Alba and Revelli’s L’anello forte (The Strong Link), as well as the revival of Pirandello’s Così è (Right You Are). Guest productions include two “teatro di narrazione” (narrative theatre) masterpieces: Baricco’s Novecento and Celestini’s Radio Clandestina…

Since Valerio Binasco was appointed as its artistic director, the Stabile has acquired a clear-cut conceptual identity that perfectly reflects the claim and image we have used in presenting the coming season. On the one hand, there is the will to revive the classics with a critical and original approach to titles and authors, wishing to bring evolution and innovation to current traditional performances and hence ensuring that universal themes and the European canon will become the cornerstones of a theatre culture capable of shaping new generations and the community at large. On the other hand, there is the intention to actively commission contemporary Italian and foreign playwriting through the continuous production of works that provide tools to interpret and explore current issues. Intending to further these complementary objectives, we have invited, as producers and co-producers, authors and performers whose intellectual background and aesthetic vision are in keeping with Binasco’s project. The first of these is with Filippo Dini, one of the Italian scene’s most award-winning and contended artists. He will be expanding his collaboration with the Stabile as of the 2020 – 2021 season with a multi-year project in which he will be a/the resident director. We then have 32-year-old Leonardo Lidi, who trained at our school and is now regarded as one of the most promising directors of his generation, and Fausto Paravidino, a/the resident TST dramaturg, who will be presenting his latest creation, Peachum. They will be joined by two charismatic Turin actresses Laura Curino and Lorena Senestro, performing in plays by two of the great authors of our region, Nuto Revelli and Guido Gozzano. The list continues with Eugenio Allegri and Matthias Martelli, an artistic duo that is back with us for the fourth time to perform Dario Fo’s Mistero buffo. Lastly, we have the young Teatro dei Gordi collective, making their debut here with Pandora, an ironic, evocative and wordless performance: they believe that silence is a revolutionary act in a world swamped by chatter. This season’s title of “diversamente classico” (”differently/alternatively classic”) can be fully grasped in the staging of Arthur Miller’s last social drama, A View from the Bridge (Uno sguardo dal ponte), which features Binasco both as director and performer, together with several outstanding stage, film and television actors, including Vanessa Scalera, Deniz Özdoğan, Dario and Emmanuele Aita. Further such examples are a claustrophobic The House of Bernarda Alba, directed by Lidi with a remarkable female cast, including Orietta Notari, Francesca Mazza and Matilde Vigna; Paravidino’s rewriting of Brecht’s The Threepenny Opera, starring eclectic Rocco Papaleo; and lastly, Pirandello’s Così è (se vi pare) (Right You Are (if you think so)), which earned Filippo Dini the Le Maschere del Teatro award for Best Director. Hanif Kureishi’ s presence on the bill deserves a special mention. Thanks to our shared friendship with Monica Capuani, who curated the Italian version, this world-famous author has granted us the honour of presenting the world premiere of his latest play, The Spank. Kureishi’s play spans a broad spectrum of emotions, in which the long-standing familiarity between two friends becomes a magnifying glass through which to observe their bewilderment faced with today’s world. The play features a strong sense of humour coupled with a touch of wistfulness. This debut will be particularly memorable for us as it will be the first time that two close friends, Filippo Dini and Valerio Binasco, will be on stage together It will also be the first time that the former will direct the latter. As always, we will also be focusing on leading figures of the Turin and Piedmont theatrical scene: together with names like Alessandro Baricco, Eugenio Allegri, Fausto Paravidino and Laura Curino, already mentioned above, we are pleased to announce this season’s return of Jurij Ferrini, who will be directing his company in a remake of Goldoni’s “Due gemelli veneziani” (The Venetian Twins). The programme also includes a return to the series, “Il cielo su Torino” (The Sky over Torino), with five works by five independent local companies: Anomalia Teatro, Torino Fringe Festival, Associazione Altera, Settembre Teatro, and Asterlizze Teatro. In closing, we wish to avoid whatsoever notion of happy degrowth and believe that a clear signal emerges from what we have experienced in recent months: the time has come for values to prevail over money, for essence to take precedence over appearance, for quality to come before quantity. During the 2020 – 2021 Season, we will endeavour to reconsider our production practices and seek new ways to relate with our community and stakeholders. We are grateful for their continued and enthusiastic support.


Lamberto Vallarino Gancia

Valerio Binasco
Artistic director

Filippo Fonsatti

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